Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just Getting Started

After many requests from family and friends, I have started this BLOG to share some of the stories on how my life has changed for the better when I was diagnosed with cancer. Yes, I said for the "better". My cancer is inoperable and I have done all the radiation that my body can take....there is no cure for me (at this time)....and yet, my life is better? My life must have really sucked before? No, not at all, but now, each day, even each hour is now recognized by my hard head as this precious gift of life. So now, more than ever, I am LIVING (not dying) with cancer.

I want to share some funny and uplifting stories with you and I want to provide some info for cancer fighters and their families. I hope you enjoy them and find them useful. Please feel free to comment back and add your input and stories or if you want to send me a private message use email . I will try my best to post new stories at least a couple of times per week, Thanks, John L.


  1. I didnt realize you were doing a blog, Sifu!! Mom didnt tell me the wheel chair story... disaster narrowly avoided!!.. I am so glad that you and mom found each other. You are the only man I could ever call a father. I love you very much.

  2. John,
    You are amazing and look forward to many more stories of Living Life!

    Love ya bro. Denise

  3. John & Lisa,
    I am not good at computers and I have been reading your wonderful blog and have commented several time but since I don't know what I am doing they don't seem to go thru. I am trying again and just want you to know I think about you ofter and keep you in my prayers. Always remember how much you are loved by not just me but the entire family. We are one! Feel our strength and love.
    Love you all,
    (your Cuz!)